About Us

Howdy and thanks for stopping by AdvenSport! Our goal is to help you find the best camping gear quickly and for the best price possible. By writing reviews, top 5 lists, and helpful tips and tricks to make your search easier, we aim to be your one-stop shop for all things camping, hiking, and backpacking related.

I’m Carland I do the the writing and reviewing here, plus I maintain the website. I’m an avid outdoorsman – I love to hike and camp with my family. I’ve been outside and in the bush for as long as I can remember, and there was nothing better than a family trek, so it’s great that I get to do that with my family and kids now.

Buying the right camping gear is always a hassle because you’ve got all the major stores and brands to search through and then you’ve got to find the right one, and then of course comes the advent of online shopping, and then it becomes a matter of where can you get the best deal…


I had enough, so I thought why not start my own site? This way, I know what the products are actually like, and maybe I can help one or two people from going through the agony of comparing products for hours and hours on end. I figure the Top 5 sections of my site and the handy comparison guides will make your decision way easier.

From sleeping bags to tents to outdoor furniture to clothing and accessories, my aim is to bring you the best, most comprehensive information in easy to digest format so that you can make a decision and go on your way doing more important things than spending days and weeks pouring through all the info out there.

Well, I hope you can find all the camping gear you’re looking for.